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Tony Gilson; EngraverWe focus on state-of-the-art technology flavored with old world attention to craftsmanship and detail. Offering both machine and hand engraving, we savor the creativity in discovering just the right presentation for your event. Our engravers are available by phone to discuss style and engraving location options.

If you have a particular engraving style you would like to duplicate, call us and we can explore our library to find as close a match as possible.  The following are examples of available engraving and monogram styles.  These are machine engraving styles, please contact us or call 1-800-906-7654 to discuss hand engraving styles.

Font Styles

The following are examples of the typical font styles that we use for our engraving.  Click on an icon or name to view the full set of characters.  

Standard Fonts      Monogram Fonts   
English Script English Script
Style #104
  Script Monogram Script Monogram
Style #701
Park Avenue Park Avenue
Style #110
  Interlocking Script Monogram Interlocking Script Monogram
Style #702
Bernhard Tango Bernhard Tango
Style #204
  Roman Monogram Roman Monogram
Style #704
Garamond Garamond
Style #114
  Old English Monogram Old English Monogram
Style #705


Monogramming Etiquette

Monogramming is suitable for a number of occasions including birthdays, christenings and anniversaries.The initials are usually placed in order First, Last (larger), Middle.  For example, John Michael Doe monogram would be JDM with D being larger than the rest of the monogram.  If you have questions regarding monogramming, please do not hesitate to contact us.